What is ARCH Platform?
ARCH is the one of the biggest and revolutionary ideas on blockchain and within the shared economy. The app enables users to get in touch with each other in order to exchange products using XCO tokens.
While many focus on the inefficient delivery method of goods, we target the community around you. ARCH is location based, and it simply connects the users in need with close by users that have the goods available. ARCH is based on a very poweful principle, what one needs others have.
  • Blockchain-based app
  • Low Transaction fee


Even when we prepare for everyday tasks, there will always be unavoidable last minute needs or unexpected situations. Our lives tend to be in a consistent rush and when a situation arises we need to solve immediately.

It can be the rental of a specific tool or to buy goods (new or second hand items). Have you ever noticed your baby ran out of diapers at 10pm when you're ready to bed? Have you ever been in need for a unique or rare item on a Sunday where most stores are closed? Have you ever needed a jump start right when you are rushing for an important meeting? Have you ever had guests at home and had to go out to get a specific item? Have you ever had a child desperately crying over the gogles you promised to bring for the beach trip?

Think of a situation where you need to use a drill for just an hour’s work at home. Would you go and buy it? Just imagine it collecting dust forever after you have used it once.


ARCH App makes your life very easy, you can rent/buy and share items with your neighbours in a safe and fun environment.
You simply request the item you’re looking for; and people around you will match and supply through our geolocation algorithm. There is always an individual around you that will have the goods that you need, and that could make some profits over any furnished good or service.
The innovation- "What some need others always have"
ARCH turned the tables on the inefficient standard method of supply and demand as the world knows it today. By inversly tackling all human needs, ARCH is the new standard on the global supply and demand. It enables a person to post what they need, and match with people within their perimeter in order to buy/rent an item. Simply anticipate a date and location and set it up beforehand. The world will now request and match, rather than inefficiently browsing on different stores/websites. Consequently, traditional stores will be able to browse in ARCH network in order to sell their items quickly, rather than spending on inefficient marketing and hope that a client finds them. Not only traditional stores, but regular human beings sitting at home with some spare of what the neighbor needs will get notified, match and make profits.
Market Size and Numbers
In 2016 , there was 44.8 million adults using sharing economy services such as Airbnb or Uber and others in the
United States alone. Forecast suggests that the number of users should increase to 86.5 million by 2021.

The following are some important number projections expected after the platform has launched worldwide.

Billion market cap
Million Xchange marketing team
Empirical data sugests average transaction cost
Billion yearly revenue
Disclaimer: The above calculations are projections and do not ensure this will be the reality.
Market Capitalization Chart
According to a report by Ericsson, there are 7.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and it is growing at an average rate of six percent per year. Out of these, 5.3 billion are unique mobile subscribers. This means the market potential of Xchange is 5.3 billion people.
The only initial cost for Xchange is a smartphone that costs anywhere around $300 and a connection to the Internet that should cost around $500 a year. With such a low-cost outlay, more people are likely to download and use the Xchange app and use it for their daily income and/or job.
The platform’s unique model and being a needs based platform makes it naturally tap into several markets that govern or rule the human necessities. Practically any human need or necessity is a problem that must be solved by either of the following;

- The purchase or acquisition of a certain item or tool
- The rental of a certain item or tool
- The acquisition of a service
- Financial and cash handling solutions

These markets and their magnitudes are graphically explained below.

These are five markets that will be harmonized into an unprecedented GTM (Go To Market) platform, becoming this way the worldwide norm for human needs. Xchange will be the platform to which the entire world will turn at the time of resolving an issue.


Birth of and IDEA The ARCH Founders get to work on the most disruptive idea of the century!
March 2017
Research & Legal Structure Global market analysis. Brand Registration and Corporate incorporation strategy with our legal advisors.
December 2017
Commence Platform Development Web and Social exposure, APP Prototype version. Alfa Version start development.
March 2018
Launch Alfa Version First operational mobile app ARCH launched.
October 2018
Launch Beta Version Glitches and errors worked out of initial version. Public Launch will be help on beta version on limited locations.
March 2019
Launch V 2.0 Complete and optimized app launch for the general public on major cities across the Globe! The revolution of local online marketplace as we know it!
June 2019
Token Economics
The Xchange tokens(ARCH) is an Ethereum(ERC20) based token that includes multiple functionalities within the Xchange ecosystem. The Ethereum Blockchain is currently the biggest platform that supports the creation of tokens and thus allows ARCH to seamlessly interact with other ERC20 tokens. Members can exchange ARCH tokens for discounted trading fees and other functionalities.
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